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This is a website about antiques. Most of the antiques were photographed in China's Palace Museum. Each relic has its own special story, or about its former owner, or about itself. They appear before us across the vast river of history. The following contents will be about their uses and legends. It is hoped that people can have a certain understanding of Chinese antiques and culture after browsing this platform so as to promote Chinese history and culture.


Chime bell is a percussion instrument in ancient China. It rose in the Xia Dynasty and reached its peak in the spring and autumn period and warring states period to the qin and han dynasties. Chime bells are mostly made of bronze. Using wooden hammer, we can produce different tones to play the music.

As One Wishes

As Ones Wishes is a decoration made of jade. Legend has it that As Ones Wishes was a weapon used by ancient Chinese tribal leaders to ward off bad luck. Later, people made all kinds of ornaments in the shape of As Ones Wishes and put them in their homes to pray for good luck.

Hill Censer

Hill censer was a container for burning incense used by folk people during the Han and Jin Dynasties in China. Most are bronze and ceramic products, the top hollowed out in the shape of a mountain. Because it looks like the legendary fairy mountain, so people called hill censer. When the incense is burned in the furnace, the smoke comes out from the top, giving people the feeling of being in a fairyland.

Phoebe Zhennan Wood Deer Whistle with Carved Dragon Imagery

This is a kind of onomatopoeia tool, made of golden silk nanmu and carved with dragon design on the top, used for hunting by the emperor. It is shaped like a bull's horn and plays like the call of a deer to lure the herd in and shoot them.

Stone Relief

They were the building blocks of the qing dynasty temple, originally a single block, which was later destroyed and separated during the war. The patterns of these two pieces are the green dragon and the white tiger in the four gods of China.

Jade Clothes Sewn with Gold Wire

Jade clothes swen with gold wire is a kind of clothes worn by Chinese royalty after their death. It is shaped like a human body. The clothes were made of gold thread and jade. Legend has it that these clothes prevent bones from rotting and that those who wear them will be resurrected in the future.

Shoushan Stone Eighteen Arhats

The decorations of eighteen arhats made of shoushan stone. Eighteen arhats are the eighteen arhats in Buddhism who are stationed on earth and maintain justice. There are twelve maharajas and two venerates. Members of the royal family put them in the room, hoping for the protection of the eighteen arhats.


Sundial is a timekeeping tool in ancient China, which is equivalent to the modern watch. It is mainly based on the position of the shadow to determine the time and the number of moments.